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Medical Services

General Medical Service

General Medical Services

We aim to provide our patients with accurate diagnosis and management of acute and chronic medical conditions, with an emphasis on a holistic approach and reversing chronic conditions using lifestyle modification....

Acute illnesses- colds, flus, UTI’s and more.
Flu Vaccines
Fatigue Syndromes
Pain Management
Asthma & Nebulization
Thyroid disease
Depression & Anxiety
Minor Burns & wounds
Minor surgical procedures- Incision & Drainage of abscesses, suturing, ear syringing and more
Insurance & visa medicals

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Womens Health

Women's Health

Women’s health refers to a branch of medicine focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions that affect a woman’s physical and emotional well-being. As a modern-day woman we understand that taking on many roles can be quite challenging, but it is most important that you take the time to prioritize your health. Services included:...

Advice on contraception and administration of Depo Provera and Nur Isterate
Pap smears
Sexual Health
Breast Cancer Screening
Pregnancy tests and confirmatory blood tests
Management of abnormal menses, fibroids, PCOS etc., and appropriate referral to a gynaecologist when necessary

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Child Health

Child Health

Visiting your GP before visiting a paediatrician is still a new idea to many mums. With many years of paediatric experience and obtaining a Diploma in Child Health, Dr Jacobs can assist in treating a wide range of primary healthcare illnesses in children, with referral to a pediatrician if necessary....

Baby wellness checkups
Childhood immunisations
Growth & development monitoring
Diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders
Upper & lower respiratory tract infections
ENT conditions
Acute gastroenteritis
Suturing of minor wounds

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